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What have I been doing during my
four-year term?

  • Board Chairperson 2018-2020

  • Past Chairperson 2021

Professional Development

PD is vital for Trustees so that we can be informed on new developments to education in Ontario.

Click on this link to view my PD & Conference Reports and to compare my Professional Development efforts to those of other Trustees (scroll down the page).

My Board Table Highlights

During my first two years as a Trustee I served as the Board Chairperson 

Here are a few of the motions I moved or supported in 2020-2022:

  • supported increased Outdoor Education

  • supported enhanced masking for students

  • authored motion for staff to be able to wear their own enhanced respirators (if they preferred to do so)

  • co-sponsored a motion requesting a Pilot Program for the use of C02 monitors in the classroom to improve air quality

  • supported the purchase of equipment to record meetings to facilitate increased accessibility of public to meetings and accountability of Trustees

  • authored motion to form a Policy Review Committee to improve consultation process and review existing policies with an equity lens

  • authored motion to request that all Board Meetings be recorded and the recordings be retained on the Board website for viewing and accountability

Committee Assignments


  • Director's Performance Appraisal Committee

  • Agenda Development

  • Discipline Committee

  • School Year Calendar​

  • Policy Review Committee

  • School Naming Ad Hoc Committee

  • Trustee Self-Evaluation

  • Suspension Ad Hoc Committee 

Trustee Expenses

I believe in fiscal responsibility and although my expenses were higher when I was Chairperson, as a Trustee I have worked to keep my expenses to a minimum.

Click on this link to see expenses for all WRDSB Trustees.

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